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The Eternity Cure - Julie Kagawa Original Review posted on Bookwyrming Thoughts.

Note: Formatting is lost due to copy and paste

I should warn you. It's a really long post. So feel to scroll on down to the After Reading part if you want to. :3

Before Reading:

Wowzers. The Eternity Cure must be popular at my library (YAY!). Apparently I went crashing into dead ends (I even lost count of them) since who knows when (April, May) with so many holds (that includes ebook lend on Overdrive and whatnot but those holds weren't me) and FINALLY I have my hands on The Eternity Cure.

Imagine my reaction after that. Happy dancing. Of course. VICTORY! (Yeah... I'm glad I placed a hold before the last copy got taken...)

And then mom drops the bomb. Yes, a bomb. A verbal bomb. The one shatters your dreams (okay, not exactly dreams) into a million pieces and you can't put them back together, like Humpty Dumpty (poor Humpty...), who unfortunately has fallen off the wall.

“Returning book on Saturday.” (or something of the similar sort).

Time for another reaction.

*gawk* Jaw drop. Faceplant on the wall (no one saw it; it was virtual because I don't want a big purple bruise and questions...). Victory dance stops and then someone gets stared at as if they had grown three heads (no, I didn't actually do it, because then everyone at the library will be the ones staring at me as if I had grown three heads).

Expected to read an almost 500-page book in a few days? (It's not even a week.)

It's Julie Kagawa! Challenge Accepted, mother.

Gives mom a thumbs up.

Nods with a very confident (and possibly self-satisfied that says I can do this!) grin at her.

Turns off computer.

Becomes hermit crab for the rest of the week or however long I finish this book. Because I'm not planning to read halfway through and then return it (it's not my style. Once I start, I must finish or there's something that stops me. And by then... there's gotta be something that makes me want to chuck the book across the room – of course... I might have to pay $30 dollars. Not exactly worth it. But I can imagine it being chucked.)

I'm pretty sure I'll fail at staying off though. Because even if the computer doesn't have internet connection...

it's the epitome of procrastination (you know, files to organize, chess to play – yes, girls play chess, making extremely lame movies from MS Paint stick figures, that type of stuff).

At least for me. I should ask someone to lock it up for me. Or ask them to toss me in a place that's so boring, I have nothing to do but to read. Oh, and be sure to remove any magazines, or put some dreadfully boring ones on that coffee table in the corner.

But still. It's Wednesday. I'm closed. Come back another day and see if the sign changes.

Because it won't change. Not until I savor every moment I have left with Allie, Zeke, and any other [lovable] characters that may return (and possible new ones as well).

(Holy monkeys, that probably sounded like a monologue. Sorry if you're bored, or if you think I'm insane by now and don't want to read my thoughts after I come out of hermit-nation in a few days.... because I know I talk too much when I write. Oopsies.)

After Reading: - A Few Days Later...

Well. I'm out of my little hermit shell now. “Justin Time.” So...

It's been a few months since Allie the vampire left Eden, and there's a new not-so-very-pleasant surprise popping up around the corners. She's more mature now, and when a certain character by the name of Zeke comes around from the previous book, he's also more mature.

Remember Jackal from The Immortal Rules? He's not that bad after all, though he reminds me of a certain arrogant vampire from...

The Vampire Diaries.

Actually, that certain vampire popped up in my head every time Jackal spoke, despite the fact both vampires look different.

In fact, Mr. Raider King is actually a pretty likable character. But Jackal actually has humor. Considering the fact he seemed like the person to take over the world... I didn't exactly find that he would make wisecracks here, there and everywhere.

I think you've figured out which vampire I'm talking about now. *neutrally cheerful voice* Go Daemon.

But about the ending...


You're kidding me.


That didn't just happen (or should I say, I did not just read that). I couldn't have read that wrong, could I?


Nope. Definitely didn't read it wrong.

And now you're making me wait for another year or so to find out what happens. >__<<br/>
But I'll wait... because I have plenty of other books to keep me company... and the only way to come up with a good story is to patiently wait... and wait... and wait. In which I'll happily do while stalking the county library catalog as soon as it's published.

Oh... and the after part is shorter because well... you're already stuck reading 500+ words from the Before Reading. I figured you don't need to read another 500+ for the After Reading. I mean, you might be bored of me talking too much by now...

I hope no one minds? :3?