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Dreamland - Sarah Dessen Original Review posted on Bookwyrming Thoughts
Original Rating: 1.5

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I was told that Sarah Dessen's works were awesome. So I basically went into the frame of mind that it would be a good book when I actually started reading it.

I don't really hate saying this, but as a first time peep (read: I'm reading her works for the first time) on reading a work of Sarah Dessen's, I left with a pretty "eh..." view. I did try to keep the fact in mind that Sarah Dessen is a good writer, which was why I didn't go all mini stomping off with a hmph frowny faced at the wall.

I don't exactly hate the book - not really - but I found it very boring from page 1 to the end. I'm pretty surprised I didn't fall asleep. Yet. There was just something missing. While I don't really mind reading gushy romances (YA speaking), I'm not one who prefers reading a book that's pretty much completely - as in 90% or more - lack of action.

Dreamland is basically your typical realistic fiction in the terms of romance. It was also pretty predictable (but then... I tend to predict things near the bull's eye usually...). And every time a character in a book is getting suspicious of events, it would go down the drain a little more.

If it wasn't required reading, I probably would've ended up just setting it down, walk away, read another book, and then return it. But, if you're one who likes realistic fiction and romances rolled into one "bookrito," then you probably just got another recommendation. However, if you're one for romance and action rolled into one, then I don't exactly recommend it.... but feel free to read it if you want to try it out, as everyone's reading preference is different....