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Morrigan - Laura DeLuca Original Review Posted on Bookwyrming Thoughts.

Note: Formatting has been lost due to copy and pasting.

Disclaimer: I received this book from YANR Blog Tours for free in exchange for an honest for the blog tour. This does not influence my review in any way.

I think 3 words grabbed my attention: Tir na NOg. Only because the place was familiar from another series (I'll leave it for you guys to ponder on that). Okay, not just Tir na NOg. The blurb grabbed me as well. *o* So with that concept, I thought it might have something to do with faeries and would you be glad to know I was wrong.

I haven't read anything about Celtic mythology, or any books about it (I usually stick to Greek and Roman myths...), so Morrigan was made much more interesting to read knowing that fact. I love the fact that the author placed a glossary at the very beginning of the book - it was very helpful (hey, I'm pretty sure I'll be pronouncing everything foreign-like wrong in the end anyways, regardless of glossary there or not. But I'm sure it'll be helpful for the majority of us).

Here, we have a girl named Morrigan, who's an orphan and moving from home to home constantly. Until one day, she finds out her world isn't what it seems... AND she's different than what she thought she was. She can control fire, read the future (at least a glimpse), and move things... with her mind.

I find Morrigan an enchanting read. Like any fantasy book, we enter a different world that's "parallel" to our modern day world. I love the way Tiarn reacts to Morrigan's technological knowledge/use of modern items in Tir na NOg. However, I did find some things a bit confusing and didn't really make sense. I also loved the choice of words, especially in transitions.

I also loved the way the villains are formed. The author is descriptive and detailed with them (trust me... I had the shudders. No Nightmares though). Just when you think someone is a villain, it ends up being another... (which is a good thing, in my humble opinion). I'm also curious if there's going to be a sequel... due to the way the book ends. ;)

By the way, just because there's a werewolf, does not mean this story is going to be Twilight fashioned. It's not. ;)