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Divergent - Veronica Roth Original Review posted on Bookwyrming Thoughts

Imagine having to choose only 5 factions when you're sixteen with the knowledge that you might even have to leave your family. Then there's initiation which you have to pass or you're practically homeless (in this case, factionless). I know for one thing that I'll be having a LOT of trouble choosing a faction if our world as we know it were divided into factions.

My 2 cents on that? I'm not exactly selfless. And I have to look in the mirror, at least once a day, otherwise how else would I know if there's a ladybug in my hair? Dx Not that there is one. So Abnegation is out for me. I don't tell the truth ALL the time, even if I tend to burst out my honest opinion, therefore, I'm not Candor either. I would most certainly not jump off a train. Breaking a leg is painful. Falling to my death for fun and knowing that is worse. With that thought, I'm not Dauntless. I'm friendly most of the time, but not all the time. And I'm uncomfortable when it comes to hugs. *hides* I guess I'm cut out for Amity as well. I'm probably in Erudite though, drowning (in a good way) books and seeking knowledge. Maybe I'm not. I'm not that nerdy, even if I like hiding in books. I'm probably factionless though.

I'm talking too much when I should probably go straight to the point. Whoops. I'm just curious about how the factions were formatted and how it's gonna work because like Four/Tobias says, "I want to be brave, and selfless, and smart, and kind, and honest."

Since I've been babbling randomly about my curiosity on the 5 factions, I should head back to the right trail then. And that is, actually reviewing and not writing away freely (more like typing) about something else (though related). I think that Divergent is quite similar to Harry Potter and The Hunger Games, but different and amazing in it's very own way that makes it just as unique as any other great books out there (whether or not I read them. Sparkly Vampires and Jacob Chihuahua included). :)

I really enjoy the main character Tris, though on some actions I'll disagree on. Why kill Will? He's kinda awesome, you know... he did stick with Tris when she was bullied by the others. (though I see why she had to. If Tris was dead, there would be a different main character instead. And that bounces more curiosity) Dx Christina's gonna murder you later o_o (Hey, if that's even true later, don't tell me because I'm just predicting! I'm not exactly cool with spoilers... lol. o_o) Eric is just plain mean (he was a bit aggressive in training though... too aggressive) and as evil as Jeanine (sorry if I spelled her name wrong). Nuff said. And I have a feeling they'll be causing more trouble in the future, whatever it might be.

Curiosity included or not, I fully enjoyed the plot the author has placed into the series and can't wait to read the next book when I get the chance. :)