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Wraith - Angel Lawson Original Review posted on Bookwyrming Thoughts
Original Rating: 4.5

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Disclaimer: I received this book from the author for free in exchange for an honest review. This does not influence my review in any way.

Coincidentally, I bought this book (actually, it was a freebie) on Amazon a few days before I received a review request, so it was actually nice to do a mini sweep (a very mini one) of the piles of books on my Kindle App.

I normally don't read horror-like books. Or any books with ghosts, wraiths, ghouls, etc. Generally because I get a horrible nightmare and probably start screaming bloody murder in the middle of night if I read it during the evening or at night.

I'm happy to say I didn't scream any horrid nightmares. Nor was it extremely scary, in my humble opinion. But I was expecting it to be a scary story in some way.

Score -1 for me being wrong.

Jane Watts is a seventeen-year-old who is teased by her classmates at school due her speaking to herself in the hallways. She is really speaking a sixteen-year-old ghost named Evan and assumes that he's just there as a friend instead of someone with a dangerous past needing her help. Evan is apparently her only friend, until a juvenile delinquent named Connor returns back to school who can also see Evan.

What I really liked about Wraith is the plot. It's very similar to the TV show Ghost Whisperers, which was actually one of my favorite shows when it was running on CBS (I think. It was years ago. Correct me if I'm wrong), despite the fact it's about someone talking/helping ghosts (the plot of the show has faded from me as well) and I'm generally not a big fan of ghost stories.

There's really nothing that I hate or dislike about Wraith, however, it doesn't really latch on so well to me as other books would. It may be the fact that it's horror-like or something I can't really pin on for now but I was pretty befuddled with what my rating should be (hopefully not the invisible .25 or .75) right after I finished reading the book.