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Blood Apples (The Grimm Diaries Prequels, #6) - Cameron Jace Original Review posted on Bookwyrming Thoughts

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Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book for free from the author in exchange for an honest review. My review is not influenced in any way.

Hark who's talking. And so Prince Charming speaks. Snow White's Prince Charming. Actually, I'm surprised he's alive. Didn't he pretty much die by the hands of the very Snow White in prequel numero uno, which the Queen of Sorrow, along with others, witnessed? I might be wrong (Memory Lane is full traffic at this time). The likely worst case scenario that probably happened may have been good old Charming turning into whatever Snow White is (really, I shouldn't spill the “prediction” beans right now).

I'll leave you to ponder on that. If you haven't read it. If you have read it, yay. It's not exactly spilling any beans... or did I just spill a handful (I hope I didn't... Dx)?

In Blood Apples, we have Prince Charming, who's apparently older now, looking for Snow White in the Kingdom of Sorrow and wants to save her from wherever she's at. There are hints of the other prequels that crossover, so a certain color is still banned and we have a pair of old characters come back, along with a few new ones (I won't say which ones). In my humble opinion, Prince Charming isn't that bad, if he is whatever Snow White is now, besides chasing her all over the place [to the ends of the world] in hopes she can be found (I won't say if she is found either).
Though the author mentions in the Author's Notes that there are hints to 3 works (not fairy tale-ish), I found it more of Romeo and Juliet (which is one of the 3 – no I didn't read it, but I have the slightest idea of what happens there), especially near the end. I guess I'll figure out how the other 2 are similar to the prequel when I actually read them... in school, with the likely case scenario being required reading (I'll be sure to take note not to complain if it is). Or maybe I'll never find out, unless I ask Google once more for assistance.

I'm curious about the very end though... and I'm probably confused if the actual diaries will be in present day (aka, parallel-like world while we're continuing with our lives, oblivious to whatever else going on but factual stuff) or just records of past events (in fictional terms – you won't find it in your history textbooks). I guess I'll find out eventually in the near future.