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Daynight - Megan Thomason Original Review posted on Bookwyrming Thoughts

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Disclaimer: I received the updated copy from the author for free in exchange for an honest review via a Read & Review program on Goodreads. My review is not influenced in any way.

Updated, you ask? Yes, updated. I apparently got the book from Amazon for free last year (read: December). I took the chance to be one of the reviewers so I can clean up my Kindle App Library (little by little), which is growing but that wasn't the actual reason why I was interested in Daynight (maybe partially though).

I was interested in Daynight due to the fact that a) the cover caught my eye (I don't judge books by covers, but it's subconscious. Moi can't help it sometimes :(), b) the synopsis was good, and c) why not? It might even be the next Divergent (hey, I'm not saying it is) or another one of my favorite novels and land on my favorites shelf (not that I have any. I treasure every good book... although some stick out).

I found the storyline unique compared to other dystopian fiction. Most dystopian fiction are set in the future, when the world has already hit the apocalypse or something of the similar sort. In Daynight, however, Earth is still there. Life is still continuing, no apocalypses. Instead, there's a parallel-like world, with strict, dictatorship-like rules. But like other dystopians, Daynight also has a corrupt government and there is a group of people wanting to overthrow it.

The way Ms. Thomason starts and ends each chapter is intriguing, especially with the first and last sentence. I also liked the way the flashbacks are set up from time to time between character POVs, however I seemed to get lost after awhile on what was going on in the story from time to time. The flashbacks tell us what's going on to other characters in the story, working behind the scenes of what the story was currently paused at before the flashback and keeping the reader curious on what will happen next.

Daynight has a few twists and turns here and there throughout the story, a handful of them unexpected, surprising or shocking. Maybe even all three. But I'm curious what will happen to Kira, Ethan, and Blake as well as what the SCI is really up to (besides you-know-what) in the future of the series (no, I don't have my predictions. Besides happily-ever-after?).