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Guardians of the Grimoire (Volume 1) - Natasha Slight Original Review posted on Bookwyrming Thoughts
Original Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Owls

Disclaimer: I recieved this book from the author in an exchange for a honest review. This does not bias my review in any way.

This is not your typical YA fantasy book that you'll pick up randomly one day at the library. I usually get drawn toward fantasy books all the time anyways, so I thought it was going to be a typical fantasy book you find everyday when I got asked to review Guardians of the Grimoire. But then, you don't typically find a book about a grimoire everyday either. (And if there are a lot... tell me I need to expand my reading horizons a bit more. :p)

Normally, I would dislike at LEAST one character in some way, shape or form (then again, not all characters are perfect either). And that's minus the fact that they're well... the villains. Or they have a terribly bad attitude towards others and I'll love them later in the story/series eventually. I love the way how the characters are created, and can't help but mention the fact that Valconius now almost looks like Mr Noseless from Harry Potter (I see that some peeps cringe when the full name is used... Mr Noseless sounded better in my opinion by all means). I also don't want to meet Kael one day. Like him or not, he's creepy. And I don't want him in my dreams one day. (I'll scream if I meet him... even if no one can hear me. o_o) But it was funny when he epically fails all the time.

Little Kid Me bouncing in (more like Regular Me because I still do it... even today, but not exactly as bouncy and Happy-Go-Lucky), if I had to choose a character, any character from the book to be, I would choose to be Kerani. She's one who prefers quick justice and starts giving the boot as soon as she finds something wrong. And as Marlena would say... I would feel sorry for the thieves in Kerani's reign because she seems to be the one who "Act Now, Ask Questions Later" type of person. (Not that it's bad.) But I'm gonna have to agree with the replacement Bog name Kerani gave. And I'm not saying why because that'll give a MAJOR spoiler.

I was confused in some parts though... when a certain character was introduced with no name but one second later she had a name. But that was easily fixed when I read it over again. :)

I really loved the world that Ms. Slight has created: full of magical creatures, awesome heroines who make villains fail (really, how rare is it that you see a gal giving boot? I guess I should expand my reading horizons), sorcery, etc. Everything you can imagine from a Fantasy Book. And let's just face it: you know the author has one great imagination if she manages to pull off an entirely different world all on her own with their own countries, completely exotic names (it's really refreshing) and does it successfully. :D So, Harry Potter and other awesome books, I ask for permission to make some space for another book ^_^ (with yet another cliffhanger x_x).