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The Paladin Prophecy (The Paladin Prophecy, #1) - Mark Frost Original Review posted on Bookwyrming Thoughts

About time I started reading and finishing up this book. I feel like I've been avoiding a really good book because usually if I stop reading the book, it's a really bad one and I never want to see it again. ._. Therefore, the draft version of this post has been around for months sitting there. I feel sorry. Though if I wasn't a multitasker, I probably would've finished it in a couple of weeks instead of months. :( But I'm really glad I managed to find the time to finish it. :) (No, really. I did abandoned it for awhile.)

Imagine going to a private school (is it? It's been bouncing back and forth between a private school and a center for the extremely gifted) and there's no email, no internet, no text-messaging, no etc. allowed there. I would probably survive no cell phones though. As for email... happy go spam after spam. (And I get about 100+ a day already -_-). But maybe I would survive. At least I'm not forever alone ;)

I loved the action in the story from the very beginning, and it was an absolute page turner with many detailed descriptions. Maybe double than what I expected. There were lots of unexpected twists and turns throughout the story. I thought one thing was happening and the next page it says otherwise. I really loved the narration of the story and the characters. They were full of humorous and witty comments on each page. Possibly my favorite character so far in the series (change that to book, considering the fact there's only one so far) is Nick, one of Will's roommates at The Center. He always tries to make every scene he is involved in hilarious.

I also loved the technology at The Center. It would be so cool (and as Will thought at first, creepy) to have a little gal that looks, sounds, acts like me :D Of course... the thingamajig boards (forgot what they're called Dx) are similar to the SmartBoards my school has... but different. :3 What I really hated were the "Ride Alongs" and the creatures of "The Other Team." They really creep me out. A lot. I guess it's what I said earlier... it was really descriptive. I don't think I ever want to meet a Ride Along in my life time.

I would compare it to Harry Potter since it's just as good, but what would fellow Potterheads do? I deserve a tomato, probably. But if it's as good as Harry Potter (now, hence I said "AS GOOD AS." In no way, shape or form did I say it was BETTER THAN) that's probably sending some sort of message. And a good one at that. Along with it's agony cliff-hanger. (Yes, it means I'm probably skipping to the book store ASAP whenever the 2nd book comes out...)