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Breathing Underwater - Alex Flinn Original Review posted on Bookwyrming Thoughts
Original Rating: 4.5

I suppose I'll mention this was one of the books we just finished in English. Apparently, I think that Breathing Underwater is the best book so far in the school year that was required reading. (Notice I didn't say the best book I've ever read...)

Nick seems to be a person who is quite spoiled and probably has the perfect life being handsome, popular and rich. Beneath the surface though (see what I did there?) he's abused by his father often and has taken out his anger on others as well, such as Caitlin. As a result, there are many consequences due to Nick's actions. It make me really sad to hear that his father was abusive though. Comparing my very own life to Nick's life, my life seems to be easy as pie.

I don't seem to have a lot of reaction from this book. I typically don't read YA Realistic Fiction that much on my own when I look on my list of Books Read.

Why I really gave it such a high rating is the dramatic storyline and the emotional process that Nick takes to recover and learn from his many mistakes that really makes his life far from perfection when he takes an anger management.

Though I don't typically read Realistic Fiction, I highly recommend that if you enjoy reading Realistic Fiction, you read the book. As mentioned earlier, the book has a dramatic storyline and is an emotional and powerful read.