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Seizure - Kathy Reichs Original Review posted on Bookwyrming Thoughts

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I had no clue why the title was Seizure. For all I knew, seizure meant something to do with a stroke or a heart attack and could possibly result in death if not fixed ASAP. I could be wrong with that definition as well. What I never knew however, was the other definition. The Dictionary enlightened me:
I guess I was partially right. Apparently there goes proof I'm not a walking/talking dictionary. Living proof. I'm honestly better off as a spellchecker any day. I must be bored if I did know the definition for every word that exists. Extremely bored. To the point of desperation. Which isn't happening any day until the zombie apocalypse at the least.

Seizure is the second novel in the Virals series (first book is Virals, but my review for it never existed on this planet because my book blogging life never existed at the time) written by Kathy Reichs. It's been awhile after the Virals have transformed from a super-virus. Due to financial problems, Loggerhead Island is at risk to be shut down, and the Virals may have to separate, facing the super-virus on their own. At least until Tory Brennan hears about Anne Bonny's legend. It's said that her treasure is buried right in Charles Town, but no one has succeeded in finding it for around 3 centuries.

What I like about Seizure is the storyline. It's creative, and it twists a legend (I don't know the actual legend though) to fit in with what's going on with the Virals after their transformation. I also love how the characters have changed a lot from the first novel, or at least, most of them, and how there are new characters introduced. Whitney's still as annoying as before (just get out of Tory's hair already! Dx) and Chance hasn't changed much. As for everyone else? Well, I can't say. I can say they changed, but I can't say how. I might as well tape an index card on my forehead with the words SPOILER.

What I dislike? My prediction (always. I fear I'm aiming correctly... even though I have terrible accuracy). I sense a love triangle coming soon. And as typical as it goes with love triangles in YA, it might get ugly with the tension. The best part about that though? I might be off the mark. Or I may be bull's eye (I hope not!). Don't take my prediction for granted. It's just a thought. I might be wrong, or I might be right. I guess we'll see.

Speaking of which, the third book in the series, Code, came out last Wednesday, March 12. Who's excited for a new Virals adventure? :D