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Twelfth Grade Kills - Heather Brewer Original Review posted on Bookwyrming Thoughts
Original Rating: 4.5

It's been awhile since I last read the series (read: last year) so I'm pretty vague on details (I know. It's sad that my memory details are so vague. On an awesomous vampire series. But I know enough where I can at least know almost all of what's going on the last one :)) on the finale. And now that I've read the series, I think I see why my friend actually gushes over the series (imagine my poor ears after hearing it in Book Battle 24/7 last year - well, not exactly 24/7).

I suggest you know what you're doing if you're reading Twelfth Grade Kills because you definitely don't want to end up in the sorry hole with this kid (read: me. Not that I skip books. I honestly don't. Because if I do, it's my mom's random library book choices fault). The book simply has too much going on that if you're reading from the series backwards, I'm suggesting you go back and read from Eighth Grade Bites and onward (not that anyone would read backwards in a series). Or if you're not paying attention to what you're reading, you'll be missing out on a LOT so do yourself a favor and pay attention. ^_^

After reading Eleventh Grade Burns over the summer, I just HAD to read the last book due to it's killing cliff-hanger. But the thing is, I got thrown off at the end. I'm still going "Say What?" and pondering over what happened as I'm typing this. I mean, you don't usually see a cliff-hanger on the finale of books... do you? Chances of it happening are rare, lol (at least in my knowledge of reading. Even those with spin-offs don't seem to have it... do they?). There's always a happily ever after and so on. In this case though, there may be a happy ending, but be prepared to be thrown off.

What I really hate though? Practically everyone dies. Which I find disappointing. Dx (No more awesome cookies and frosting fights??? ;( )

The one thing I find epically funny is the fact vampires don't sparkle (read: be prepared for some meme(s)). Edward Cullen would disagree. On the good side though? Professor Snape agrees. So, in no offense to Twilight peeps (oh hey. Just because I'm not a fan of Twilight doesn't mean I bash it. I just found the quote funny and it well... reminded me of Twlight. Yes, I'm asking for mercy of the tomato throwing).
Caption: They're fairiesss O_O

It might be a risk to my health, but I kinda agree (yes, a risk to my health... but I might be exaggerating a bit over there). So if you're looking for a series in which no one is a sparkling fairy vampire, I suggest you should check this series out. Because apparently, I think I need to grab some kleenex before the computer erupts on fire (that would be BAD). And then go gush to my friend mentioned above some day. (By the way, why another awful cliff-hanger? I only have so many hands. But at least I can get The Slayer Chronicles from the school library soon :D.)