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Forgotten Lyrics - Amanda Hocking Original Review posted on Bookwyrming Thoughts
Actual Rating: 3.5

While it probably should have taken me to read a 60 page story in about 2-3 hours or less, I kinda extended it a bit (well, in this case, a few days). Just trying to balance my scales in a way. :) But I'll admit, a shortstory is always a nice break from a chapter book every once in awhile.

Forgotten Lyrics is a shortstory novel that is based on the first book of the Watersong series, Watersong. It gives a basic history about Daniel and the Sirens from Watersong. No spoilers from that book if you haven't read it yet. But it does have a pretty good plot, even though there were some grammar issues.

Aggie is also introduced here, who was the Siren that Gemma is soon to replace. In my opinion, Aggie seems to be the nice and caring one out of all the Sirens in Watersong To actually risk her own *insert spoiler* (yep, you must read to find out :)). It's sad she's dead later though. :( The way Penn acted just confirms what I'm fearing for Gemma in the future....

Overall, I think it's a good read if you would like more background info on some of the characters from Watersong, specifically Daniel and the real reason of how the Sirens went from 4 to 3. Though like I said earlier... it's not a big book and you'll finish in a few hours, so try to have another book in handy after you read it. ;)