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Crossed (Matched, #2) - Ally Condie Original Review posted at Bookwyrming Thoughts

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Matched, the predecessor to Crossed, didn't exactly make a remarkable impression in my mind 3 years ago when I first read it or I wouldn't have needed to take a one day mini skim-a-thon.

Though it must have made a bit of an impression if I still remember the title and author. Why, yes. I do forget the little things. What's y = mx + b? Sorry for throwing a lovely little equation there. You don't have to answer that.

Or maybe it was simply Walmart's book/magazine section.

But speaking of Matched and Crossed, after reading the sequel, I personally think Matched was better and more interesting.

Or maybe it's the fact that dystopian sequels are usually well... the part before the actual rebellion and that's what makes the first book even more interesting. Because the first book is the part where you're fully in the world (and totally oblivious to how corrupt the government is getting).

So... why did I prefer Matched over its sequel?

Basically, Crossed is set a few months – more or less – later after its predecessor ended, and Cassia Reyes, our main character, is looking for Ky now in the Outer Provinces away from the Society. I won't say how it came to that though. And we get to shuffle through Ky's mind this time instead of just Cassia's.

Both POVs (Point of Views) have new characters introduced and new adventures in store for them, but despite all that... I just think the book is more about Cassia and Ky's romance and both of them trying to find each other than other stuff.

Yet there's this something about the last few sentences of both books in the trilogy that's practically urging me (okay, not really) to read on in the series and to the final book in the series, Reached.

Speaking of lasting impressions.