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The Keepers (The Keepers Trilogy, #1) - J.L. Block Original Review posted on Bookwyrming Thoughts

Note: Formatting is lost due to copy and paste.

Disclaimer: The author provided a free copy of the book in exchange for an honest review. The review is not influenced in any way.

What I Liked About the Book:

The Cover – It's sooo pretty and beautiful. The artist is definitely extremely talented. I know I'm not exactly the person who judges a book by it's cover, but... I'm just attracted to them. And then the synopsis gets the glory.

Great Potential – Quite different from other fantasy books, which is a nice breather. I'm sure there are the books out there that have something to do with crystals, but as I rack my brains and shuffle through its files virtually I haven't exactly read a book about crystals yet.

Diversity of Characters – I, for one thing, am always glad you can distinguish the characters' personalities enough that if The Keepers were written in multiple POVs, it would be pretty distinguishable. There are always going to be characters that we dislike and like, but at least they're not all... the same.

But... there's just one problem that's breaking the mold for a potentially good book. I'll let you go on down to the not so very pleasant parts of the review.

What I Disliked About the Book:

With Pros, comes Cons. Now you're probably wishing you're living in a utopia. If only life was that easy, I wouldn't be so blunt in the next bullet. Because I was honestly hoping that with a pretty cover, the story would be really good and I'll be hopping on over to my book club and recommend the book within the next few months (oh, I do that. I refuse to tell most people so. >:)).

Errors – I don't usually talk about editing, grammar, spelling and the whatnot when it comes to self published books unless it's a pro, in which I'll probably be squealing in delight behind the screen and doing a seriously lame cheer because I certainly won't pass into the cheerleading team (I'm not interested in cheerleading either). But in this case, I feel like I just might have to mention it because... yikes. They were simply A LOT. And they were quite the distraction.

I can probably go on about errors all day, so I'll just say there were a lot and go on with the review. They irk me and drive me up the wall after the amount reaches a certain amount of capacity. My teenaged brain can only handle so much before I do something really... regrettable later (such as turning into Crabby Daughter without eating a single Crabby Patty or a Crabby Reviewer, which I'm sure no one wants). I did however... nearly chuck the book across the room due to the errors. Not that I can chuck an ebook across the room without breaking my precious laptop, because that will simply lead to a turmoil of other consequences.

But that was pretty much the only thing I disliked about the book.

Overall Thoughts: Not so great book, really good potential but like I said. I can probably go on about how much I dislike errors all day. There were just... a lot. I think I need to grab a thesaurus now; I'm using too many “a lots.”